No one can detect all malware threats – ODIX  simply protects against them!

O·dix /ō·diks/

odix` file sanitization regime leverages our proprietary ODIX  True Content Disarm and Reconstruction (True CDR™) technology. We call the process “ODIXing”.

ODIXing purges electronic media of malware by processing all incoming files using set policies, then running files through five antivirus engines in parallel. Files from a wide range of file types are tested to confirm that they match the respective file type standards. Then, the ODIX CDR Engine disarms and then these rebuilds files into clean versions that are sent to end users for immediate use. Unlike traditional CDR technologies, ODIXing is effective against both known and unrecognized malware.

ODIX solutions are ideal for organizations that rely on ongoing incoming and outgoing file-based data exchange for productivity. Such exchanges provide numerous opportunities for hacking and insertion of malicious software including viruses, trojans, and worms.

File odixing is also knows as file sanitizing and
CDR – Content Disarm & Reconstruction.   

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