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Former head of the IDF information security unit specialized in Infrastructure protection, encryption, network security and mobile devices security, and graduated his PhD degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. Prior to ODI he was a Business Development Manager at Motorola and VP Business Development at Gita Technologies.

Former head of the IDF Signal academy Corps and head of south regional signal command. Graduated his EMBA degree from the University of Tel-Aviv. David Graduated SOAC from Fort Gordon U.S Army and highly specialized in command & control strategies -C4I, with over 30 years of extensive experience in management, business development and managing complex security oriented enterprise systems.

Uria has 13 years of research and development experience. Prior to ODI, Uria served in various roles at NDS and Cisco. Uria earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from the Hebrew University at Jerusalem and a MBA from the Isreali Open University.

An avid technophile. Played major roles in various companies in the advertising, telecom and infrastructure sectors in the last 15 years as a programmer, researcher, strategist and manager. Omri has a bachelors degree in bioinformatics and is currently completing his masters degree in design.

Ido has over 20 years of sales / business development experience, working in the Hitech and security international markets. Former senior manager at ICTS Europe and a managing director of his own sales consulting business. Ido holds a B.Sc in physics and computer science. Ido is also a troop leader in the Israeli Scouts as a volunteer.

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