ODIX is a revolutionary process which removes all malware, known and unknown, hidden in files. Our patented process handles all types of files and uses a unique mathematical algorithm specially-adapted to each file type.

ODIX-based solutions provide dramatically enhanced information security for organizations, without compromising system performance. The solution comprises several components, all based on ODI’s core True Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology (True CDR™).

ODIX CDR multi-scanning engine is based on 4 lines of defense

Defense Line #1:
Five Anti Virus Engines

ODIX’s first line of defense is comprised of five antivirus engines which simultaneously check media and files. Running on Linux-based UBUNTU, which is recognized as less vulnerable and more reinforceable than other operating systems, ODI carefully selected the antivirus engines to complement each other and provide the widest coverage against all known viruses.

Defense Line #2:
Smart TrueType check

Smart TrueType check – ODIX tests files from a wide range of types to confirm that they match their respective file type standards. ODIX validates file type and structure, matches file type and shape to suffix, and conducts additional validation checks of the file itself.

Defense Line #3:
Odixing (CDR)

Finally, Odixing! The unique ODIX process includes several types of advanced mathematical algorithms that are precisely tailored and applied to each file. These perform complex operations on the file, revealing and destroying hidden malware. Together with the analytical capabilities developed by ODI, the ODIX algorithms make it possible to sanitize many file types and sizes. ODIX algorithms have undergone extensive optimization to achieve super-fast performance without compromising adjacent systems or changing the underlying file structure

Defensive Line #4 – Smart Management Server

ODIX smart management server allows corporate security policy enforcement, permissions management, analytics and forensics – therefore, is an actual 4th line of defense.

The final line of ODIX defense, the ODIX Smart Management Server enables corporate security policy enforcement, permissions management, analytics and forensics.

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Why odix ?

Because antivirus and sandbox solutions are simply insufficient

Many organizations believe that they are safe from cyberthreats because they implement the latest antivirus solutions.

Yet if an attacker releases a virus right now, antivirus labs will at best identify it tomorrow. An update won’t be released, optimistically, until the following day.

This two-day window is more than enough time for a virus to wreak havoc on an organizational network. And this scenario doesn’t even take into account Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), zero-day attacks, and other malware that antivirus solutions don’t address.

Defending from known cyberthreats by identifying and blocking them cannot provide a level of protection for organizations that are constantly targeted. To meet this challenge, ODI developed ODIX, an advanced, next generation threat neutralization and removal process based on advanced heuristics and mathematical algorithms. Unlike legacy solutions, ODIX can neutralize and remove both known and unknown threats. Moreover, ODIX is easily integrated into existing business processes, ensuring maximum security and maximum productivity.

• Protects you from the known threats of the past and the unknown threats of the future
• Utilizes state of the art mathematical algorithms to neutralize and remove threats
• Can be easily integrated into existing business processes

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