CyberArk Vaults are the most secure way to move files, but after the files securely moved to your vault, are they really ready to enter your network?

In collaboration with CyberArk the ODIX SAFE utilizes a built-in the scan engine within the CyberArk Vault. Each file that gets to the vault stays pending until the Odix process is completed.

Upon completing the process, the file enters the vault and can be accessed by users from your organizations network, ensuring not only that the files were transferred safely but that they are safe.

odix SAFE is provided with a powerful, smart management server, for total control of the CDR processes and corporate security policy – see here

  • Linux based Odix station

  • Operating system hardening

  • Virtual environment for each filtering process

  • Each file type is handled by a unique algorithm

  • Modular design allows adding more filters by demand

  • Unique and state-of-the-art proprietary odix engines developed in house

  • Unique and proprietary technology for saving data for forensics purposes: – Comprehensive log saving. – Viruses quarantine

  • Secures all files entering by email

  • Integrates with any existing mail servers

  • Customize handling and permissions per users and groups

  • Can be configured to work with ODIX CLUSTER

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