odix NetFolder is the most secure and simple way to scan and sanitize files on the move as they enter or exit a network environment. The NetFolder plugin allows secure transfer of files between networks or from file processing applications to users.

odix NetFolder empowers corporate networks to sanitize files on the move using the most advanced CDR technology, without the hassle of application integration. A single NetFolder plugin can support several types of applications.

What Can the NetFolder Plugin Sanitize?

  • Web downloads to the network
  • Web uploads – for companies accepting files from their websites
  • SecureFTP between networks of similar or different security levels
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in which files are processed
  • Virtual vaults

How Does odix NetFolder Work?

odix NetFolder is a Windows Server service, which monitors a predefined unsafe folder (the “push folder”) and automatically pushes its content to an odix CDR server. The CDR server scans and sanitizes files, then moves then to a clean folder (the “pull folder”) which users can access.

Implementation of odix NetFolder is seamless and friendly, with no API integration required. File processing applications are simply configured to send files to the push folder and pull sanitized files from the pull folder.

Files scanned using the NetFolder plugin are also subject to corporate security policy, which is defined in the odix Management server.

CDR management server

odix NetFolder – Flow Diagram (click to enlarge)

NetFolder Benefits

  • File sanitization using the most advanced odix CDR anti-malware technology
  • No integration required
  • Supports any file processing application that can be configured to send files to a certain folder
  • Full enforcement of company security policy
  • Detailed usage logs

NetFolder implementation is based on the following odix software components:

  1. odix CDR Edge server
  2. odix Management server
  3. NetFolder plugin for WIN server

odix NetFolder is an ultimate solution for secure file transfer gateway   – Click on the image below:

secure file gateway anti malware

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