According to recent research, spear phishing emails with malware attachments are the most common vector for deployment of APT attacks. These meticulously-crafted emails bait the user into opening attached files, with the understanding that the file will be run inside the organization’s network.

odix Mail offers seamless protection from all file-based attacks that enter the network by email. The odix Mail server acts as a mail proxy or relay between the organizational mail server and the web. Each incoming message is stripped of attachments and embedded files, which are transferred to the odix Core. There, the files are inspected, malware removed, and threats neutralized. After odixing, clean and safe files are reattached to the mail and transferred to via the mail server to their intended recipient.

odix Mail is provided with a powerful, smart management server, for total control of the file sanitization process including the CDR (Content disarm and reconstruction) and the corporate’s security policy

to odix Management

Odix Mail Benefits

Secures all files entering by email

Integrates with any existing mail servers

Unique and state-of-the-art proprietary odix engines developed in house

Each file type is handled by a unique algorithm

Modular design allows adding more filters by demand

Virtual environment for each filtering proces

Customize handling and permissions per users and groups

Unique and proprietary technology for saving data for forensics purposes: – Comprehensive log saving. – Viruses quarantine

odix Mail is an ultimate solution for
secured file attachments usage
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