The EU Commission has adopted a new regulation intended to better protect EU citizens’ data and personal information, this new regulation is known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The GDPR was approved on April 2016 and will be enforceable on the 25th of May 2018.
As from this effective date all companies holding personal data of EU citizens must comply with the GDPR, not only EU companies but also international companies storing such data. Some examples of international companies required to comply to GDPR are Cloud based service providers and BPOs (business processes operators) which are located and/or registered outside the EU.

Anti-Malware tools
The GDPR covers many subjects regarding data protection procedures and implementations. One of the most important issues is anti-malware tools implementation.
A recent whitepaper published by Osterman Research clearly states: ” …Blocking malware through technological means is essential for any organization wanting to become GDPR compliant.
See full whitepaper – here
As an example, one of the biggest threats to any sensitive information database is credentials harvesting malware – a malicious software that collects user names and passwords, or even worth, admin credentials.
In order to prevent such malware to enter the corporate network a very smart anti-malware gateway is required.
The ODIX malware prevention solution
ODI provides malware prevention solutions by sanitizing all incoming files, this powerful technology is called “Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR)” and is the most advanced way to ensure that all files coming into the corporate network are clean from known and unknown malicious code – malware, virus, worm etc. Our proprietary malware prevention process is also known as ODIXING. (a description of how ODIX works can be found here)
As a first step, and in order to secure one of the most venerable channels – most of our customers are implementing the ODIX Kiosk: a powerful station that scans and cleans files coming from removable media – CDs, USB drives etc.
This is an “off the shelf” product which can be implemented immediately and provides a solution for companies that have already blocked all USB ports or intend to do so.
The ODIX engine is also available for system integrators and application developers as a malware prevention add-on to any file processing application.
Odixing incoming files is an innovative, powerful anti-malware tool that keeps the network safe and fully complies with the GDPR requirement for malware prevention.

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