odix - a market leader in Enterprise CDR (content disarm & reconstruction – file sanitization), is now offering native CDR plugin for all Office 365 mailboxes. CDR is a technology that complements existing malware and sandbox solutions and is additive to Microsoft’s EOP & ATP offerings, ensuring complete prevention against zero-day and APT attacks delivered via email attachments.
FileWall™ is available for easy deployment and purchase through Microsoft’s marketplaces.

Why companies need FileWall for Microsoft 365 mail?

Over 94% of malware is delivered via email (source: Verizon business (2019 Data Breach Investigations Report). In general, hackers hide malware in standard files such as PDFs and Office documents to transfer their malicious code and spread it as an epidemic. As new unknown malwares are released daily, they manage to bypass the standard security systems which use detection-based methods for anti-malware.

The problem with unknown malware hidden in files is that not always it’s delivered by suspicious sender but sometime can be sent by trusted sender (i.e. employee within the company) who somehow got an infected file and forward it innocently. In fact, 34% of cyber attacks involve internal actors within the organizations.

Advanced threats require NextGen malware prevention

FileWall™ by odix offers an effective plugin based on its patented algorithm for eliminating malware hidden in files. Instead of trying to detect a known malware and block the file for the user, the FileWall™ service disarms malware and provides a sanitized file for safe usage. FileWall™ provides an effective malware prevention solution against both known and unknown malware attacks and handles all incoming email traffic including internal emails.

The FileWall™ advanced attachment security add-on for Microsoft 365 mail includes:

Seamless deployment- one click service activation

Advanced email attachments handling for both internal and external senders.

FileWall™ doesn’t harm/change any of Microsoft sender related security capabilities

Deep file inspection capabilities (archive, password protected etc).

FileWall is available for easy deployment and purchase through Microsoft`s marketplaces or
through your Microsoft CSP.

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As a qualified CSP that handles Microsoft 365 deployments for your customers, we understand the importance of managing their security posture no matter what business subscription they have.

Malware attacks through email attachments are on the rise. 46% of all small businesses have been the targets of a ransomware attack while forty-three percent of small businesses paid between $10,000 and $50,000 to ransomware attackers.

For less than $1 a month (per user) you can provide the highest level of email attachment security to your customers going beyond Microsoft EOP or ATP. FileWall by odix is the first FireWall specifically for Exchange Online.

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