odix CDR management server, a very smart component of the CDR process, allows corporate security policy enforcement, permissions management, analytics and forensics – therefore, is an actual 4th line of defense and some of our customers even define it as the most important one.

odix CDR MANAGEMENT SERVER performs several functions including:

  • Security Policy Enforcement – flexibly defines the types of files allowed to enter the network (blacklist & whitelist) and what scanning types to perform on each file type.
  • User Profiles – Establishes user security policies according to groups or individual users.
  • Updates – Sends updates to the sanitizing core, the five antivirus engines and to all odix products in the network.
  • Analysis – Stores full logs on odix file sensitization activities for analysis and forensics. export all log to XLS.
  • Notifications – Sends notifications to admins and users and to network monitoring systems such as SIEM-SOC.
  • Connectivity – The management server is connected to several organizational servers including:
    • Organizational Active Directory (AD) server
    • An organizational file server to which all sanitized files can be transferred to.
CDR management server

CDR management server – Interface (click to enlarge)

CDR management server - File scan details

CDR management server – File scan details  (click to enlarge)

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