Calling  for applications developers and integrators – If your solution includes file processing of any kind, you might want to consider embedding file sanitizing capabilities into it.

ODI technology prevents malicious files from entering the system. Our patented file sanitization engine is based on smart CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction) algorithms that make sure the files processed are malware-free.

ODI’s file sanitization solution, A.K.A Odixing, processes ALL files in the system in a unique method built upon 3 lines of defense – 5 Anti-viruses scan, TrueType check and CDR Odixing.

ODI allows developer and integrators to embed this powerful file sanitization engine within any file processing application such as – FTP, mail, secure browsing, files storage etc.

We will provide you with an ODIX CDR server available via REST API, including technical support until successful implementation of this powerful file sanitization capability.

Process only clean files add CDR capabilities to your application/solution

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