Eliminating malware for safe file usage

odix’s patented technology disarms malicious code from files. Our concept is simple, instead of trying to detect the malware, odix generates a malware free copy of the file to the user.

Disarming hidden malware from files

odix NetFolder

Secure and simple way to scan and sanitize files on the move. Works with any network files application.

odix Kiosk

Eliminating the Threat of Malware from removable Media Such as: USB drives, CD, DVD, portable disks etc.


Native Microsoft 365 Plugin for safe attachments

odix API

Maximize your application security and embed file sanitization process with odix REST API.

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64,008,784 files

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"As a consultant, I found FileWall to be one of the best product for office 365 who is just using EOP as a security gateway. This is app has been working efficiently to sanitize any malicious attachment. Easy to configure and price efficient, would recommend solution to any SMB or Enterprise."
"My experience with Odix's FileWall dashboard was straight forward and I loved it. Its malware prevention and file sanitization engine is one of a kind and I'm looking forward to advise it to my customers."
"I was looking for a cost-effective solution that would take complete protection against all incoming and outgoing attachments. I came across Filewall and now I can have granular control on my attachments with user-level and global level policies."
"FileWall is an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy plug-in for Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online that uses CDR or content disarm and reconstruction technology to prevent malicious or suspicious content hiding in email attachments from spreading throughout your organization."
Viruses Ransomware APTs odixed file

Total protection from known and unknown threats delivered to corporate network by incoming files.

odix offers malware prevention through file sanitization based on advanced True Content Disarm & Reconstruction
(True CDR ™) technology – delivering an end-to-end solution for both known and unknown malware-based cyberattacks – viruses, ransomware, APTs and Zero-day attacks.

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Find the solution that best fits your needs

We wrapped our patented technology for file sanitization into suites and products fitting diverse industries and multiple channels. odix’ go-to-market strategy relays on its eco-system partners including integrators, MSSPs- managed security service providers and resellers in each territory the company is active in.

odix for MSSPs

Provide an advanced malware prevention layer to your managed enterprise and SME customers.

odix for information security managers

Malware detection is dead; it’s time for malware preventing.

odix for integrators & app developers

Embed easily a file sanitization process into any business application.

Find the solution that best fits your needs